Try a different browser…

Using an old browser can be downright unsafe. It might also be the reason that browsing is slow and dull. Switch to a better browser today!

Okay, you seem to be running . Here are some browsers that should work with your operating system. Please show me options for all operating systems.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome runs websites and applications with lightning speed.


Mozilla Firefox

Proudly non-profit. Innovating for you. Fast, flexible, secure


Apple Safari

Innovative new features improve the way you view the web.



Groundbreaking speed and innovative features.


Internet Explorer

Fast and responsive web experiences for Windows.


Opera Mobile

The fastest browsing experience available for your phone or tablet.



Firefox for Android lets you type less and browse more.

Android Market

Dolphin Browser

World’s first and only gesture browser. For Android devices.

Android Market

Dolphin Browser

World’s first and only gesture browser. For iPhone and iPad.

App Store

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This site aims to help users replace their tired, old, browser with a new, fast, clever, secure, feature-packed browser.
That’s pretty much all there is to it but you probably have more questions. You always do.

Why should I use a different browser?

At worst old browsers can be dangerous and pose a security risk to your computer. Apart from that fairly considerable worry, new browsers are faster and packed with new features.

Maybe you shouldn’t use a different browser. If you like your browser consider upgrading to the most recent version. Many browsers have options to perform automatic updates so you don’t even have to think about it again.

Who are you guys?

We’re a web development company.

It seems everyone has a client, customer, clueless relative or friend, who likes to complain that your site seems awfully slow and looks kind funny – because they use a browser they saw on The X-Files.

We try to build sites that work for as many people as possible, on as many browsers, platforms and devices as possible. But gosh, wouldn’t it be nice if some people used a different browser?

Why don’t you recognise my browser?

If we don’t recognise your browser it is probably because you are using something fancy. Congratulations. And if you are that probably means you’re capable of upgrading or switching on your own. Hey, kudos to you!

We don’t think there is much point trying to identify all of the possible browsers out there. We just want to help the average user move to a modern browser.

The other possibility is that we’ve made a mistake with our site.

Why build this site?

Apart from a general desire to see more people using great browsers we wanted a site we could send users if they are having trouble with web apps or feature-rich sites.

We use Google Chrome for daily browsing and we develop and debug using Mozilla Firefox, but we have no axe to grind with any browser. We think Opera is great and have heard very good things about the recent versions of Internet Explorer.

We have no relationship with any browser vendor. In fact, we should probably mention that the icons, logos, and names of the browsers we recommend you try are registered trademarks that belong to their respective owners.

I have a {question|complaint|coffee} that I would like to send your way. How can I reach you?